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Does Soundproofing Paint Work?

woman painting wall If hanging noise reduction wallpaper really isn’t your thing, then maybe some sound dampening paint is a good option for controlling the noise pollution in your home. Like the wallpaper, this is a great option for both renters and homeowners as it gives you a fairly easy and inexpensive way to do a little noise control at home without having to really change much in the room or home. Granted, this is not the perfect home noise reduction solution for everyone, so keep reading to learn if it will solve your noisy problems at home.

Using Noise Absorbing Paint

Here’s what you need to know about soundproofing paint before you rush out and apply it to all of your walls. You can use this paint on any surface that you would apply regular wall paint. It is interchangeable. If you do not like the idea of painting your entire home with it, some places that you should consider are the bedrooms in your home.

It is important to note that this noise cancellation paint focuses only on mid-range frequencies, which is the sound normal voices talking. So, if you are trying to drown own a barking dog or loud music, then this is likely not your best option. And for the sound blocking capabilities to be effective, you must apply more than one coat of this paint to your walls. For most people, it takes three or four coats of paint to see the desired results. As you might expect, that could add up to a lot of paint and a costly expense, so it is definitely something to think about.

The reason that you cannot block all unwanted noise with this product is because soundproofing wall paint absorbs sounds. And since your applications of paint are rather thin compared to something like sound absorbing panels, you do not get a lot of noises and frequencies reduced. So, you’ll likely still hear loud sounds and low ones, like traffic outside.

So, does sound deadening paint really work? Yes, it does, but not to the extent that you are probably expecting because the sound reduction is not very significant. Overall, it is probably best used in conjunction with other soundproofing methods.

And it might not bother you, but there are limited color options with this paint. Basically, it is pastels or nothing for the most part thanks to its high pigment content. I know that might not be a deal breaker for most people, but some decor conscious people might take issue with it.

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