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How To Soundproof A Ceiling

Nothing can be more disturbing than hearing annoying noises from the floor above you. Especially when trying to relax from a hard day’s work, noises from tenants above come through disrupting your evening as if you’re sharing the same space. However, there are some time and cost efficient ways to soundproof the ceiling. And soundproofing a ceiling effectively usually doesn’t require expensive materials. Even if the landlord doesn’t want to spend the extra repairs associated with soundproofing the ceiling, there are still ways for you to significantly lessen the amount of noise from the ceiling, without you wasting a lot of time and money.

One thing to note is that for the most efficient soundproofing of the ceiling, the floor above your ceiling must be soundproof as well. Obviously this can be difficult to do when you are renting and may not be on the friendliest of terms with your upstairs neighbors. But, if you decide to attempt it, then know that you can cheaply do so. This is done by either placing a rubber mat underneath the carpet on the floor above, or by using mass loaded vinyl (MLV). For basement ceilings, fiberglass bats should be insulated between every ceiling joist. Also, MLV must be attached underneath the ceiling joists, and it’s also best to nail MLV to supports beams with the seams taped. Acoustic tiling must be added to basement ceilings as well. And furthermore, acoustic tiling can be used for other ceilings, if the ceilings are sturdy enough to withhold it.

Other things that could or should be applied include the following: soundproof ceiling tiles, rubber or foam pieces, egg crates, and used carpet. These are probably the cheapest ways to get the quiet that you want since many of these items are either inexpensive to buy or something that you may already own. And though they might not result in the most pleasant looking room, you will be surprised just how effective a few egg foam crates on the ceiling are when it come to keeping unwanted noise from upstairs neighbors out of your apartment. One time, I even stapled a few old yoga mats on the ceiling for good sound blocking and it actually worked to dampen the sound of the music blaring from upstairs!

You will find that these methods are also very effective for the people above you who have a pet that runs back and forth all day and night creating lots of noise.

Applying these tips accordingly will go a long way in having a more peaceful home that is filled with privacy and quietness. However, one thing to note is that if the the doors and windows are not treated, there will still be some noise. It will be a lot lesser amount of noise with appropriately applying the tips, but there will still be some noise. Either way it goes, with complete or significant noise reduction, your home will definitely be your peaceful sanctuary.


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