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In our quiet toys posts, we bring you a selection of the best quiet toys you can get for your bucks today.

There are many reasons you might want quiet toys. For those with sensitivities to noise, sensory and autistic conditions, quiet toys can be a god send.

For parents that have heard twinkle twinkle little star blare out of their kids ‘interactive story book’ a hundred times, praying for the batteries to die, quiet toys can also be a god send.

We start off with our post on the best quiet toys for toddlers and babies and this section will grow over time as we get our hands on more toys to try!


Quiet Toys

Top 10 Quiet Toys for Babies and Toddlers in 2022

Babies are great, but for such little people, they make a lot of noise! Some situations just are not appropriate times for the typical chiming, music-playing, talking toys your child loves. Whether you are working from home or entertaining guests or are out in a quiet venue like a restaurant …