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There are some gardening tasks that you expect to be noisy. No one really expects to be able to cut the grass quietly with an electric mower, or to strim the edges in perfect silence. It just doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean however, that you need to put up with unbearably loud machines. After all, gardening is meant to be relaxing!

In our quiet garden posts, we review the best quiet garden tools, equipment and supplies to hep you get the job done without giving yourself a migraine.

From quiet lawn mowers to quiet leaf blowers you can clean up your yard without waking all your neighbours. Or with items like the best quiet pool pumps, you can keep your pride and joy clean and running without that annoying constant hum from the pump.

Watch our gardening posts grow as we review the quietest garden products for you and your yard!

Quiet Garden

9 Of The Best Quiet Leaf Blowers for 2022

When the autumn season rolls around, (or the dry season in tropical areas) most homeowners around the world have a yard full of leaves to contend with! While you could go the old-school route, high-powered leaf blowers are far more efficient. Let’s face it: no one wants to spend hours …