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Have you ever wondered how to soundproof a ceiling? or soundproof a window? Maybe you think a bit grander and want to know how to soundproof a room. Our quiet guides and tips section will bring you a series of posts to help you explore areas like this to improve the control of noise in and around your home.

From posts on providing cheap DIY sound proofing ideas, to posts that explain the difference between different types of noise such as white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

This section aims to provide you with guides and tips to improve your understanding of noise, your ability to improve your noise reduction or to understand the different products available to improve your environment.

Quiet Guides and Tips

High Frequency Sounds – Things You Should Know

Different sounds have different frequencies, and we hear lots of different frequencies every day. We usually refer to frequency as pitch and know, for example, that an earthquake has a much lower pitch than the sound of a mouse squeaking. Frequency is very important and allows us to enjoy sounds, …
Quiet Guides and Tips

What Is An Acoustic Windshield And Do They Work?

Car technology is constantly improving, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers are now fitting their autos with a special acoustic windshield. Made with extra layers of soundproofing, acoustic windshields are designed to keep noise out of the vehicle, so you can concentrate on the road. However, with these windshields being …