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PS4 Fan Loud Noise? Why & How To Fix

Over time, your Sony PlayStation 4 can begin to make noises. Incredibly frustrating, these noises can distract you from your game and take all the fun out of sitting down with your controller for the ultimate gaming experience.

More often than not, the fan inside your PS4 is to blame. But why does it do this? What is causing the fan to be so loud? And more importantly, how do I fix this issue?

Fortunately for you, we have compiled a guide below giving you all the information you need on what makes your PS4 fan loud and what you can do to get back to enjoying your game. So, if your gaming console sounds like it’s going to take off, keep reading on to find out how to solve the problem.


Why Is My PS4 Fan Loud?

There are a few different reasons as to why your PS4 fan is so loud. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons below.


Dust is usually the main reason your PS4 is making an awful, because dust gets everywhere! Even if you keep on top of cleaning your house, you’ll never be able to get rid of dust completely. Therefore, dust can get trapped inside your PS4 console, even if you’re regularly dusting the outside of it. This can then lead to a noisy fan inside the device.

PS4 Hard Drive

Your PS4 hard drive is a very important part of the console, but when it malfunctions, it can make a lot of noise. Noise usually means that the platters are turning as they look for data, which isn’t a good sign. Not only do you risk losing all your data with a broken PS4 hard drive, but you’ll also find it can create a whirring sound. When you hear this noise coming from the hard drive, you’ll want to get it fixed quickly, otherwise you could risk losing all your hard work. A quiet hard drive is a healthy hard drive!

Cooling Fans

When you’re playing your PlayStation for a long time, cooling fans help to prevent the console from overheating. They are one of the loudest noises you will hear coming from your PS4, but if they are louder than usual, it could mean they are working too hard or are covered in dust. If your PS4 can’t cool down properly and overheats, it will shut down.

High Quality Games

Video games are getting more and more impressive with their high quality graphics, but these can actually be very demanding on the console and its system. If you’re playing a graphic intense game, the CPU could be overheating, which then requires the fan to work harder. As the fan tries to cool down the console, it makes more noise.

A Broken PS4

PS4s are great consoles, but they don’t live forever. They get covered in dust and dirt over time, and, at some point, they’re going to come to the end of their life and break. The parts that usually break first are the motherboard and the fans. You may discover that your PS4 is broken if it starts making an unnecessary sound and you can’t seem to find out why or how to fix it.


How Do I Find What Is Causing My Noisy PS4?

Before you try to go about fixing your noisy PS4, you will need to determine what is causing it to be so loud. You should start by listening to the console and try to work out where the sound is coming from.

If you can hear a whirring sound or your PS4 is overheating, you will probably find that the fans are the cause of the noise. If there is a rattling sound, your PS4 may be broken or have loose parts.

There may also be a whirring sound if the hard drive isn’t working correctly. The sound will not stop until your console has been shut down. You should be able to distinguish a hard drive problem from a fan problem by location — if the fan is making the whirring sound, it will be coming from the fan area.


How Can I Fix My Noisy PS4 Fan?

Most of the time, a noisy PlayStation 4 is fixable. Below we will take a look at ways in which you can get your loud PS4 fan to stop making noise, both by opening the console and without taking it apart, along with some tools that will make it easier for you.


Products That Can Help Quieten A PS4 Fan

Before we get into the ways in which you can quieten your PS4, let’s take a look at some of the products and tools that can assist you in doing so.

PlayStation 4 Dust Cover

A dust cover protects your PS4 from any dust that could get trapped within the console. This will help to extend your PS4s life. It is advisable to buy a waterproof dust cover if you can, which will protect your PS4 from any spills that may happen.

Can of Compressed Air

A can of air will help you to clean your PS4 but blowing any dust or debris out of crevices that you can’t reach.

PlayStation 4 Cooling Fan Station

A PlayStation 4 cooling fan station allows you to cool down your console efficiently without making any extra noise. In fact, it actually decreases the sound of the fan to as low as 50dB and means that you can play your PS4 at any time during the day or night without worrying about the noise.

Anti-Vibration Pad

Your PS4 can make a lot of noise simply by vibrating against the floor. Placing an anti-vibration pad underneath it absorbs these vibrations and helps to reduce sounds.

Other Pads and Stands

You can place your PlayStation 4 on other types of pads and stands too, which will raise it up from the ground and improve the airflow. This will allow it to cool down quicker and help with loud fan noise.

T8 Screwdriver

A PlayStation has special screws that can only be unscrewed with a T8 screwdriver. You will need to buy one of those if you need to open up your PlayStation to fix it.


Quietening A PS4 Without Taking It Apart

The easiest way to fix your PS4 is to try to fix it without taking it apart. This usually means you won’t need any real knowledge of electrical items or consoles, and it won’t void your warranty either. Here are some of the best ways to quieten your PS4 without taking it apart:

Place Your PS4 In A Well-Ventilated Area

If you’re playing in a stuffy room, or your PS4 is nestled between your TV and other electrical devices, the console might not have enough ventilation. Because of this, your PS4 is going to be working extra hard to keep cool, meaning the fans have to work more and therefore will probably make more noise.

Your PS4 has cooling vents on both sides and at the back, with the side vents for the intake of air and the ones at the back for expelling air. Ensure there is no obstruction to these vents and there is enough space around the console, and you might find that any unnecessary noise stops. It is also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t place anything on top of your PS4 console, as this could also add unnecessary heat to it.

Use A Cooling Stand

A PS4’s cooling fan is at the bottom of the console and therefore it does not always work correctly when it doesn’t have enough airflow. Placing your PS4 on a cooling stand elevates it from the ground and allows more air to get to the fans, and gives the fans more room to get rid of hot air. This will then help to reduce noise. You could also use a cooling fan station that assists the fans in getting rid of hot air.

Use Vibration Pads

Placing your PS4 on anti-vibration pads can help to reduce noise your console makes while it is switched on. These rubber pads absorb any vibrations so much less noise is created. Like a cooling stand, they also elevate the PS4 off the ground, allowing for much better airflow.

Play In A Cool Area

A PS4 heats up on its own, so by playing in a hot room, you’re simply adding more heat to it. While it can be difficult to play in a cool room if you live in a very hot climate, finding somewhere with a maximum temperature of 73 °F will allow your console to perform at its best.

Place Your PS4 In A Vertical Position

Usually, your PS4 is placed horizontally on the floor. However, some have found that placing their PS4 in a vertical position helps to reduce noise and increase the airflow. If your fans are working too hard, try this. It doesn’t cost anything and might fix your problem!

Use A Can Of Compressed Air

Dust, dirt and debris can get trapped inside your PS4, even if you regularly dust the outside. Over time, as this builds up, especially in small crevices, it can stop the console from working as well. You can use canned air to blow any dust out of the PS4, leaving it clean to operate properly again.

Using a can of compressed air is the easiest way to clean your PS4 and doesn’t require you to take the console apart. You should clean it out once a month to keep it in the best condition. Make sure you don’t use the can of compressed air on the disc drive, because it could damage this delicate part.

Ensure that the can is kept in an upright position when you use it. If you don’t, the can could spray out liquid on the PS4 causing even more harm.

Use A Dust Cover

We mentioned above that a dust cover could be used to protect your PS4 from any dirt and dust that could get into the vents and crevices. A dust cover goes over your whole PS4 console and will help you to keep it much cleaner and free of any debris that could affect its function.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner has a small nozzle, this could be used on your PS4 to suck a lot of the dust and debris away. Vacuum cleaners are powerful, and may work better than using a can of compressed air.

However, be cautious with this method. A powerful vacuum could en dup damaging your console so you don’t want to overdo it.

Fix Any System Problems

Sometimes, a PS4 database can become corrupted, which puts extra pressure on the CPU. The CPU begins to overheat, which then causes extra noise. The same thing can happen if you don’t have games installed correctly on the console. The CPU overheats and the fans have to work harder, which then leads to more noise.

You may need to delete some files and games and reinstall them if you think they are corrupted or not working properly. You may also have to reinstall the PS4 system program, so you can be sure that system failures are not the cause. This is a pain, but it can prevent your PS4 from breaking down in the long run, and allows you a much quieter gaming session.


Quietening A PS4 By Opening It

If you’ve tried to silence your PS4 without taking it apart but have had no luck, you might have to go into the console itself and try to fix the issue. Disclaimer: this will void your warranty, so ensure your PS4 is not new or under warranty. If it is, take it to a professional so they can fix it for you.

Here are the steps we recommend for opening up your PS4 to clean it:

1. First of all, you will need to locate the screws on your PS4. These are usually underneath the warranty sticker, and peeling back this sticker to get to them will void your warranty.

2. You will then need to use a special T8 or Torx screwdriver to remove the three screws. Turn them anticlockwise and they should come out easily.

3. After removing the screws, turn your console upside down. Remove the plastic bottom cowling and the top should also come off easily. Remember to be gentle when removing these covers as you don’t want to break any parts of your PS4.

4. Having taken the covers off, you should now be able to see the fan and any dust that has accumulated on it. Use your can of air to clean it properly, and don’t forget to pay attention to dust trapped within the grills and vents, too. Always remember to keep the can of compressed air upright, so you don’t risk blowing any moisture into the console.

5. Following cleaning, leave the covers off your PS4 for about 30 minutes. This is to ensure no moisture gets trapped within the console if some was spilled from the can of air.

6. Once 30 minutes has passed, reattach the bottom and reinsert the screws. Once the console is back in one piece, you can power it on again.

If cleaning your PS4 from the inside has not helped the issue, or you suspect your hard drive is to blame, you may need to replace the defective hard drive. You should upgrade the hard drive to the newest model to make sure that it works correctly. It is a good idea to get a professional to do this, as you don’t want to risk breaking your PlayStation further.


Noisy PS4 FAQ’s

How do I keep my PS4 dust free?

Dust is everywhere in our homes, so it is inevitable that some is going to get trapped within your PS4 console. Dust the console regularly and invest in a can of compressed air to get into the cracks. One of the best ways to keep your PS4 dust free is to purchase a dust-proof cover for the console, which will keep it covered and help to keep it clean.

What if none of the solutions above work?

If you have tried all the solutions above and nothing has worked, it unfortunately might be time for a new PS4. Just like all electronics, PlayStations have their lifespan and at some point will break. Yours may have come to this point if you can’t find a way to fix it.

That being said, if you’ve tried to fix your PS4 at home with no success, why not take it to a professional to have a look at the cause of the noise? You never know, someone who has experience dealing with different electrical items might be able to get it back up and running properly again.


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