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There are few things worse at night when you are trying to sleep, than the clickity clack noise of a loud keyboard coming from another room, or the sound of bass notes vibrating off your wall – they may as well be tapping you on the shoulder or dancing in front of you, either way you’re not getting any sleep!

Well our quiet tech posts showcase some of the best quiet tech items out there that you can buy today. From quiet keyboards and quiet headphones to deal with those pesky sleep thieves, to quiet hard drives for those more subtle noise distractions.

It’s not just computer tech either, we look at quiet bike trainers and quiet drum kits too, for those that want to train without disturbing the whole house. As always, our aim is to bring you the quietest tech you can buy online, tried, tested and reviewed for you!

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Top 11 Quiet Gaming Mouse Reviews – 2022 Guide

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know that a gaming mouse isn’t the same as a regular mouse. A gaming mouse allows for better performance, speed and accuracy while playing, making them very popular among gamers and computer lovers. Gamers often spend a lot of time at the computer and therefore …