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When deadlines loom, its all too easy to start loosing focus and even the normal background noises like a ticking clock, or hum of a fan can become real distractions. The result of this of course is additional pressure and frustration. There are things you can do to limit this though, and dampen the background noises that seek to distract you from your ever approaching deadlines. Our posts on the best quiet office products aim to help you with this.

We have posts that look at the usual suspects to provide you with quiet alternatives, such as the best quiet desk fans, or silent wall clocks. It’s amazing the difference the little things can make!

We look at the big things too though, like our post on the best quiet treadmills. Not something you might associate with the office, but sum of these are under desk treadmills, great for ensuring you get enough physical exercise during those long working hours where you might not be able to get away from the desk or phone.

There are lots of quiet products out there to help you find peace in your office, and we aim to bring the best together for you in our guides!

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