Category: Quiet Gadgets

When you think of the term ‘gadget’  what springs to mind? When I asked some of my friends this question, I asked them to tell me the first thing that comes to mind. The answers varied from terms like ‘expensive’, ‘geeky’, ‘cool’ and ‘helpful’. Yes, gadgets can be all of these things. But essentially, a gadget is something that provides a specific or unique benefit, fulfils a specific niche, or provides some form of novel/ingenious function.

By definition, a gadget is usually small but I don’t think this always applies anymore, especially when you consider kitchen gadgets such as a mini fridge or musical gadgets such as a quiet drum kit. The way I look at gadgets now, is that they have two or more of the following qualities. That they are electrical, that they have identified a problem with an existing task or device, and improved on it for a specific function or that they are small. If two of these criteria are fulfilled, I would consider that to be a gadget.

The gadgets we are interested in, are those that do this quietly, or that aid in reducing noise.

We look at quiet fitness gadgets, such as quiet treadmills, and noise cancelling gadgets such as sleep earplugs, and noise cancelling headphones for kids. In all of these cases these are either electrical, small, or fulfil a specific niche or problem. But most importantly for us, is they do this quietly.

We will bring you the best quiet gadgets out there to buy today, tried, tested and reviewed!